Full Soling

Full soling is the replacement of the sole from heel to toe, as one complete unit. Commonly done on mens and ladier casual shoes,  tramping boots, work boots, motorbike and motorcross boots, running shoes and more.

We have access to a large range of branded full sole units, such as VIBRAM, a top Italian brand of fullsole units, CATERPILLAR for work boots, a range of MC KINLEY units and many more to suit everything from school to general walking shoes.

We have a range of Rubber units in various tread patterns to suit Hush Puppies and some Florsheim business shoes. For full soling of shoes such as Riekers, Rockports and Bowling shoes we stock rubber sheeting in various thicknesses and tread patterns. We also have Leather Bends in men's and ladies weight for those wanting to keep there leather soled shoes in original condition.