Ladies Heels Replacement

Ladies heels (top pieces) can be the first part to wear out whilst the rest of the shoe remains in good condition. Stiletto heels are very high maintenance and need to be checked regularly.

It is important that you replace heels before they wear completely off as this could impact on the height and balance of the shoe. It can also make the repair more difficult and expensive.

We use a composition nylon heel to replace worn stiletto heels - it's far more durable than the plastic heels that stilettos normally come with. For finer ladies heels we use 6mm Vulcotop, a hard wearing composition rubber and for wider heels we use TOPY 6mm heeling. Our cobblers are careful in their preparation of replacing heels, always checking that balance is correct when possible.

This type of work can usually be carried out easily a quickly depending on our work load.