Resoling Leather Soles

Resoling leather shoes is a craft not mastered by many shoe repairers and requires good technique and experience.

John Roberts Shoe Repairs takes great pride and care in providing a quality repair of leather soled shoes. With specialised stitching machines we are able to stitch leather soles on to both welted shoes and moccasin shoes for a professional finish.

We have a selection of men's leather 1/2 soles, including a 5mm Thomas Ware English pitted leather soles and Italian 4mm leather sole for fine men's shoes. 

For a superior leather 1/2  sole, we have Joh Rendenbach (J.R.) soles. J.R. leather is tanned using the "oak bark" method, a process taking 9 to 12 months to complete. As a result of this extensive tanning process the final product is lightweight, hardwearing, flexible and comfortable making it the most superior leather available today.

A good selection of ladies leather 1/2 soles is also available.

We can help with a variety of solutions for mens and ladies leather soled shoes.