Topy Protective Soles

TOPY protective soles are a fantastic way to extend the life of your new shoes and triple the wear of your soles.

Manufacturers today are looking at ways of cutting costs and this includes using low quality soling and heeling materials, even the expensive fashion style shoes are now using these materials. 
This is where fitting of TOPY soles on new or near new shoes is imperative to getting real value from your shoes.

TOPY soling is a French designed hard wearing composition rubber/nylon material with a slight pattern with non slip qualities. TOPY soles do not replace your existing soles but are fitted on top. Our cobblers ensure the fit of TOPY soles is unobtrusive so the shoe maintains its original look. It comes in 1.8mm for standard shoes and 1mm for fine ladies boutique shoes.
Suitable for men's and ladies leather, rubber, pvc and tpr soled shoes. Available in a range of colours; black, brown, sepia, natural, red, blue and more.