Guaranteed Workmanship...

We guarantee our workmanship and source the best products from the UK,Europe and NZ, these are quality materials. We can guarantee our materials are far superior than those used in the manufactuing of today's shoes.
In a throwaway society, where cheap shoes can be bought and easily discarded, we encourage our customers to buy higher end quality shoes, and we will show the best way to care for them.

Topy Protective Soles
TOPY protective soles are a very cost effective solution to extend the life of your new shoes. We have been using TOPY for over 35 yrs, it is a hard wearing non slip rubber/nylon. TOPY will triple the life of your soles. 
Resoling Leather Soles
Resoling leather soled shoes is our specialty, we use quality leather sourced form the UK and Europe. With specialised stitching machines we are able to resole both welted and moccasin shoes for a professional finish.

Ladies Heels Replacement
Replacing worn heels is a simple way to extend the life of shoes, jobs like this can be carried out relevantly easily and quickly. It is important to replace worn heels so as not to cause damage to the heel blocks or the uppers.

Men's Heels Replacement
Replacement of heels (top pieces) is vital to keeping shoes looking good and extending their life.

Full Soling
Full soling is the replacement of the sole from heel to toe, as one complete unit. We are able to fullsole a large range of shoes from mens and ladies dress shoes to motorcross boots.


Stretching of leather footwear and some synthetics is becoming more popular due to the nature of sizes available. In the past you were able to find wide to extra wide fitting shoes, today, it is a one size fits all type of approach.
With a range of specialist stretching machines and expert knowledge we can find a solution to all fitting problems.

Other Services Include ...

  • Securing heels
  • Orthotic adjustments
  • Shoe adjustments
  • Buckle replacements
  • Zip replacements
  • Velcro replacements
  • Elastic replacements
  • Stitching
  • New eyelets and hooks

Customer Testimonial 

"Thank you for fixing my shoes.  I was so thrilled - as you turned a new pair of useless shoes into a pari I now can wear.  And enjoy"

Joy from Forrest Hill.