Shoe Tips

 Protective Non Slip Soles 
You can extend the life of your new shoes by adding protective non slip soles. A layer of thin flexible hardwearing rubber nylon can be attached to the soles.  Always use a experienced cobbler to ensure a perfect fit.

Two's better than one!
Never wear the same pair of shoe day after day.  You should always alternate your shoes, allowing the leather to cool and breathe.   Having 2 pairs of work shoes that you swap each day, will triple the life of both shoes.

Wet shoes
To dry wet shoes, fill with newspaper and place them in a warm place such as the bottom of the hot water cupboard. Do not place them in direct heat.
Protective spray for leather, suede, nubuck
Moisture can easily damage the appearance of your shoes by leaving nasty stains. A protective spray will protect your shoes from the effects of water, fluid and dirt.
Regular Polishing
Polishing regularly is a simple way to extend the life of your shoes. Polish improves and protects the shoe by keeping the natural oil within the leather.  Don't let the appearance of your shoes down by not polishing!

Leather Soles
As leather is a natural fibre and porous, leather soles help keep your feet cooler allowing them to breathe. They are great for dancing as they slide easily on most surfaces.

If your new shoes are too tight, save time and sore feet by having them stretched. Stretching helps to soften leather so you can wear your shoes in comfort.
Shoe fitting
When buying new shoes, make sure you get your feet measured each time. Feet spread with age!  Both feet should be measured as often they can be different sizes. Always buy for the biggest foot.

Shoe shopping
Go shoe shopping late in the afternoon. You'll find your feet swell to their largest at that time.