Stretching of leather footwear is a popular service requiring the right machines and expert knowledge. With today's restricted sizing of shoes, we often find our customers struggle to get a perfect fit. This is where stretching can be an effective way to feel comfortable in your shoes or boots.

At John Roberts Shoe Repairs we have invested in a wide range of stretching equipment to suit all types of footwear.

Our stretchers can provide a general all over stretch or target particular areas of concern, i.e the heel area, toes, the fore area, or for people who suffer from bunions or corns.

We have specialist boot stretchers for specifically stretching knee high boots with no zips i.e cowboy boot, riding boots ect.

We can also stretch the calf area for those who find they have the perfect fit in the fore foot area but find the calf area too tight. We have had a lot of success with this stretching machine.

Stretching of leather is a slow process requiring shoes/boots to be left on machines for various lengths of time depending on types of leather. When pressure is applied to leather the fibres start to slowly stretch. This will also help to soften leather. Stretching is not an exact science and several attempts may be required to attain the perfect fit.